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About us

Founded in southern Brazil over 40 years ago, Domum Interiors has evolved into a second-generation family business celebrated nationwide for its innovative luxury furniture.

Our unique designs artfully blend native Brazilian woods with a rich palette of materials, including marble, granite, glass, fabric, concrete, ceramic, and metal. This allows us to turn the visions of architects, designers, and clients into harmoniously balanced and cohesive works of art. Our commitment to excellence is uncompromising, guided by rigorous quality control measures for both raw materials and finished products.

Supported by secure supply chains and skilled artisans, we ensure that every piece achieves a flawless finish. As we grow our international footprint, Domum Interiors remains dedicated to producing furniture that strikes the perfect balance of modernity and timeless elegance. Enriched with intricate details and finished with flair, our pieces enhance comfort and contribute to the beauty and harmony of your living spaces.

As a frontrunner in the luxury furniture sector, Domum Interiors brings decades of expertise to the table. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable us to craft bespoke furniture marked by exceptional quality and intricate detailing. As we look to cater to the North American audience, we've extended our footprint to the United States, aligning ourselves as a trusted source for custom solutions in both residential and commercial spaces.

Merging advanced technology with artisan craftsmanship, every piece we produce is a testament to our highly proficient team, which includes designers, carpenters, and specialized technicians. Utilizing only the finest materials, we create furniture tailored to each client's specifications, offering unparalleled exclusivity and customization. Always attuned to market trends and innovations,

Mission Statement

At Domum, our primary mission centers around providing the American marketplace with an exclusive collection of products. These products stand out for their recognized excellence in quality and unparalleled aesthetic design. Our dedication lies in elevating the day-to-day interactions of our partners, ensuring that each encounter with our product line adds an element of sophistication and a feeling of satisfaction.

Vision Statement

Within the framework of Domum, our overarching vision aims to build long-term commercial partnerships that fuel sustainable business growth and contribute to heightened brand recognition. Furthermore, we seek to make a transformative contribution to our esteemed business collaborators' personal and professional lives. In this joint venture, we see ourselves as an instrumental force, propelling our partners' ongoing success and well-being. We intend to cultivate a mutually beneficial ecosystem that flourishes on innovation, trust, and collective triumph.

Values Statement

Integrity: At the core of Domum's operational philosophy is integrity. This is reflected in our steadfast commitment to conducting ourselves with unyielding honesty, complete transparency, and a strict adherence to ethical guidelines.

Respect: Our organizational culture places a high value on respect. We are unreservedly committed to treating everyone — irrespective of their role or background — with the utmost respect and human dignity.

Innovation: Serving as the driving engine of our ongoing progress is innovation. We ardently embrace creative thought processes, openly welcome groundbreaking ideas, and continually challenge established conventions.

Collaboration: At Domum, Collaboration is the linchpin of our cumulative success. By actively sharing our knowledge base, valuable insights, and area-specific expertise, we maximize our impact and achieve results together.

Accountability: One of the pillars supporting our corporate structure is accountability. We are dedicated to assuming full responsibility for our actions and the resultant outcomes, fostering a culture of reliability and trust.